Small changes

A new blog. Written in English, which is not my mother tongue, so please be patient. A new blog, because there are so many changes in my life, so many opportunities I want to take, so many things I feel I have to do.
This blog is about everything that matters to me in the world. About becoming a vegetarian, a Greenpeace activist, a person who lays an eye on the world around her. Feel free to follow!

About one and a half week ago some things coincidentally happened.

I’ve seen “Sharkwater”, a movie by Rob Steward about sharks, finning and how theses beautiful creatures are brutally slaughtered day by day.

I was eating the last slice of ham from my fridge and found myself buying cheese and vegetable spreads the next day, but neither meat nor ham, sausages or other food containing meat.

I’ve read an article by a veterinarian who had to absolve an internship in a slaughterhouse. She came out broken, and I had the strongest and most impressive movie inside my head. No real movie could have been more intense to show me the cruelty of our food industry.

Seven years ago I gave myself a try becoming a vegetarian. I failed after three months, because of the wrong motivation. I tried to impress a man who I’ve had already lost. Now I just want to stop being a murderer of innocent animals, which is a much better motivation, I think.

I know that I must become vegan if I really don’t want to let animals being killed for me, but on the other hand every step is better than nothing. So first of all I’ve stopped buying meat and any related products. I’ve been to a party and was able to eat vegetarian even while I’ve been the only one. And yes, the others were startled and asked questions, but no one wanted to imagine the animals being killed. I do not proselytize anyone, so I didn’t say much about these things. I was eating meat for 36 years until I have opened my eyes, and I think everybody has to take its time to make his or her own decision.

There is still some meat in my freezer, which I will eat, because these animals already died for me and it would be a bigger waste to throw it away instead of eating it, pleading the animal for forgiveness.

There is more. I’ve bought soy milk for the last months already and like it. I’ve tested soy yoghurt and really appreciate it! There is still cheese and other products made from milk, there is honey in my cupboard, and of course there are leather shoes, woolen socks and silken scarfs. I will keep them for the same reason I will eat the last meat.

And then? I don’t know. But since almost everything is changing in my life for the last eight months, I think there are more changes awaiting me. There is some dive training with Greenpeace in August, which I am looking forward to with excitement. And there are lots and lots of tiny puzzle parts leading to a new me. I want to change something, I want to make this planet a better place. The smallest change is better than nothing, so I will keep on walking.


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