What to eat?



Today I went to the supermarket next to me and was really surprised how much vegan food there really is! I thought I had to go to the biomarket after, but except for the really tasty tofu with olives I found last week there I’ve got everything on my list and a lot more in my usual market.

I’ve spent € 25.50 for a big bag full of vegan food. Vegetables, tofu, bread, soy milk, soyghurt, soy cooking cream and several more. And a bag of crisps, I have to admit.

At home I made a quick meal from vegetable sticks (they are vegan, I’m so happy!), broccoli (good in calcium and vitamins) and red lentils (good in proteins and b vitamins) and added a hint of chili sauce.

I should experiment a little more with spices (took nutmeg for the broccoli and cumin & red pepper for the lentils, salt & pepper for all of them), but it made a nice and tasty meal:



The funny thing: Since I’m eating vegetarian (sometimes vegan, but still not totally) I do not feel the urgent need of sweets and chocolate. Maybe one reason vegetarians are often thin? We will see. I’m not fat, but there are some extra pounds I like to get rid of.


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