Gorgeous recipes without animals

Research is a great thing: The more you look the more you find.

There are lots and lots of great vegan and vegetarian blogs all over the world! Of course most of them I look at are German but there are blogs in almost every language about living and eating free from animal products.
One of my favorites is herbivoria! – full of great recipes and written with a big sense of humor. I always feel funny when people call others murderer or ask them if they really want to eat a piece of corpse, but Fräulein Holle does not at all – she just tells how to make marvellous cakes, meals, snacks and so on without meat, cheese, milk and butter. And tasty!

Beneath these blogs I’ve bought a cook book called “La Veganista” which is great, too. Easy and without tons of different ingredients but still yummy looking meals. I didn’t cook any of them by now, but I bought some ingredients and will do in short.

Yesterday I made a great meal of lentils with mustard, vinegar and cucumber, tomatoes and herbs. I never liked lentils that much, but this was great! Afterwards I made a chocolate cake which smells gorgeous, but since I just covered it in chocolate I have to wait until it hardened. Waiting ist not my favorite …


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